Deep Breathe. Repeat.

  I have been talking to myself for a while now. It feels like writing crowded notes to a distant dormant city. With no one to read it. But it's just you. Your silence. And your chaos at the same time. With each word that I mindlessly chant, it seems to take a part of... Continue Reading →

If I Could Tell You…

If I could tell you I would have laid down all the sober dreams Hiding behind my flashy eyes Those translucent dreams Which are nothing but opaque vagueness to you Those dreams that breathes through my sleepless body And falls as specks of short victories And dress my lap like dying daisies If I could... Continue Reading →

Half Open

I left the door open and kept the lights on  in the hallway. Every night when I used to make patterns out of my shadows on rusted walls, I heard footsteps on the hallway. I used to sit motionless staring at the door but there was only impressions of the cold wind curling up around... Continue Reading →

~ HOME ~

  And my city looks like a constellation of street lights as if tiny fireflies  spread all over the air. How can I not fall in love with this place a thousand times over? Empty roads snaking its’ way through the city – whispering a mystic tale with it’s every turn. And those cozy houses... Continue Reading →

Love and Drugs! 

How do you do it? Hold me one second and then let me go the next There is something in that one second when you hit me Like the trip of an ecstasy pill Paralyzing each breathe inside me Making me want more And more of you But I find you in small doses In... Continue Reading →


  There are monsters trapped within everything. In my broken town of metaphors Or your terrorized city of glass. Monsters. In the smoke escaping from your thoughts Or in the melting words of my lips. Monsters. In the dark pit of your promises Or in the cursed words of my poetry. In the blue lines... Continue Reading →

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