Seated in the warm corners of the huge changing room,

Glowing in the shadowy glamour of the incandescent light.

A vast array of options bigranded me of my senses,

So many that even nine lives cannot capsize.

Randomly I picked the White one,

Which somewhere curbed my spontaneity,

Slowly shredding the wings of the disgusted angel

As I walked in the paradox of life.

The fascinating colours transcended the pale glamour of White

I wanted to be in symphony with all,

So back in the changing room I picked the one which all nurtured.


It toppled my heart with erratic winds,

Finally engraving it with the fallen petals of the red rose.

Beaking out my way from the gestation of love,

I was now riding a broken boat , guaranteed not to reach the shore.

Escaping from the desolate journey,I took shelter in the strongest emotion,

The rather rough aspect of individuality.Jealousy.

But it could not ventilate the darkness in the alleys of my mind.

Disharmony with world pushed me back to the room, as tears washed away the red into White.

The bright colours flabbergasted me.

The scorch of Yellow drained in the gloom of Blue.

The enwrapping warmth of Green stunted the flight of the angel.

A gush of questions in mind. Confused. Stunned.

Absolute beauty of Slience accentuated my pain,

Jolting my way from the sudden envelope of lassitude, I picked up Black.

Now I was dwelling in a different sphere where,

False hopes intersected my existence,

Victory escalated my adrenaline.

The margin between vice and virtue was erased,

Finally in symphony with the world

Sheltering in a façade whose truth intrigued none.

The angel now got her flashing in dark stokes of Black.

No need to return to the changing room;

I was rising in the huge stage of life.

Sinking in the abyss of life’s intricacies.


(Thank you Sohinee(The Basu Factor) and Shubham dada(authorsinxcess) for feeding my hunger with good words and well written poems.Thanks a lot all my compulsory audience,my friends.All this added to give me a prize.#Fluorescence 2015)