The sullen winds filled the sails of her heart, The thoughtful waves  toppled her ship of fantasy as  she tapped on the glass floors with her Cinderella shoes. Confidence and Pride radiated in her steps as  she pulled through the huge corridor, Caressing the ground with her endearing gown, In strokes of Blue. Displacing the... Continue Reading →


The Necklace

First bead. Blinding luster. Impeccable design, whose impression was slowly setting in. En-wrapped  in the rapturous glory of Love. An unmistakable beauty. Yet adored by one. Second bead. Adorned by one,adored by two. Nurtured more, unlike the first. Glow brightened, But the constitution resembled the first. Third bead. Mirrored two images stained in Red, as... Continue Reading →

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