necklace photo

First bead.

Blinding luster.

Impeccable design, whose impression was slowly setting in.

En-wrapped  in the rapturous glory of Love.

An unmistakable beauty.

Yet adored by one.

Second bead.

Adorned by one,adored by two.

Nurtured more, unlike the first.

Glow brightened,

But the constitution resembled the first.

Third bead.

Mirrored two images stained in Red,

as they merged into one.

Immortal legacy.

There was rhythm in its shine,

Lyrics in its beats,

As it kissed the ridges of the adorned neck

Along with the adorer’s lips.

Fourth bead.

The shine persisted.

The “glamour of Love” on it now applauded more.

Veiling the paleness of the edges.

The cut ends were visible,

Skirting the frail errors of the designer.

Fifth bead.

Uninterrupted use.

Worn out ends, with dust piling on the upper arcs.

Pronounced monotony.

Desire to abide Nature’s Law: Change.

Last bead.

Escapes the grip of the adorer.

Lapse of string,it slides.

Others follow.

Beads from eyes and beads of necklace, undistinguished.

Not the first time,but third time in a row.

This time the beads were left unattended.

Uncaressed . Neglected.

Only one thought in her mind,

What if all of them could shine in the same way.

What if none glittered at all.

Would the necklace ever lace the meaning of love.