The sullen winds filled the sails of her heart,

The thoughtful waves  toppled her ship of fantasy

as  she tapped on the glass floors with her Cinderella shoes.

Confidence and Pride radiated in her steps

as  she pulled through the huge corridor,

Caressing the ground with her endearing gown,

In strokes of Blue.

Displacing the Rapunzel hair from her bare shoulders,

an eternal symphony in those fallen strands.

She swifted her hand through her Red Hood,

With an enchanting smile gracing her face,

Laced with nobility.

White gloves. Tuxedo. Wine glasses.

Greeted her as she followed the steps of Alice,

To the flying carpet of Aladdin.

But the ride was not as smooth as Jasmine had told her,

with only the half-eaten apple by her side.

Her cheeks burned in the warm embrace of the Prince,

The flap of her eyelids welcomed the kiss.

The Beauty was awaken from the sleep.

Into Reality.

As the pale image stood in front of the mirror,

Playing with the holes in her dress,

making impressions on the ground with bare foot.

Still basking in the glory of the kiss and the endearing gown,

she looked straight at the adorer on the other side of the broken glass.

Reality was cocooned in the Dream.

Finesse, Elegance personified.

As she stifled a smile,

Unwittingly adding to the glamour of the face,

Which sheltered those Blind Eyes.


12 thoughts on “Fantasy

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  1. U r a genius, as I always say.The spheres of reality and fantasy and the difference between the real world and the dream world have been so wonderfully portrayed in this masterpiece !! Believe me,u r actually someone with whom none can relate anything regarding the materialistic world…….

    Liked by 1 person

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