Five Minutes

I thought I was ready to bear it ย for few more minutes.Tense palms trying too ventilate the incoming darkness in the alleys of my mind.Sensible fingers attending to my fallen strands.Careful voices trying ,in vain, to unwind the tangles of transient mortality.Strokes of hand trying to fathom my pain.

Two minutes gone.

I cursed my lips,in an act of gulping in the pain.Futile!Slowly it was enwrapping the lines of my body.Familiar faces.Unknown emotions. And an aura of new hope diffusing through the rotten truths and broken promises.

Another minute!

Those onlookers had a choice.I didn’t. For the first time,I found an utter satisfaction residing in that pain, as I dreamt of her standing in the horizon, playing with those long tresses in no way unlike her mother.And the shadowy glimmer of her sun-baked the skin blinding my eyes, accentuating the innocent ripples of her smile.I knew days from now when she is going to search for me she would find me in those folded pages of my diary, with-holding those million dreams.

All those black and white masks were slowly receding from my view.Now it was only both of us.I could sense those thoughts wading their way through the watery ridges of my eyes, as the fourth minute passed by.

And by the Fifth minute,the signs of my pain became prominent on the creases of the hospital bed.As I felt her ecstatic arrival,I did make it to those five minutes.After forty weeks,before befriending darkness, I heard those last few words ,”Its a Girl, Ma’am.”

My dreams and reality merged finally.

“..and I saw her standing in horizon”
Photography by:Aritro Chakravorty

Those five minutes I was a proud mother for it was her whom I saw growing up;and me growing grey but without her.

{Topic suggestion: Shubham Roy(authorsinxcess.wordpress)}

{Photography by:Aritro Chakravorty}


40 thoughts on “Five Minutes

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      1. Oh my goodness -you are making me blush. Girl, you have got to be joking. But, I appreciate the words. Keep it up and I’ll love you forever.

        When I read your posts -I wondered -how did I get so lucky that she followed me first? With your talent -I’m not even close to the same level. Never doubt yourself! You’ve got a gift!


      2. That’s too sweet of you!! I wasn’t joking ; Even I am all smiles on getting such a reply from you!! I never expected a piece written out of randomness in Just 20 Minutes can get so many likes! Even now I am not joking
        PPS: Since you like my stuff like other blogger I want you suggest me any WORD…I will write something out of it…
        A token from my side!! If possible go ahead and give any word

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Well I am in fb..But presently deactivated it ๐Ÿ˜ฆ due to exams ( competitives )…I didn’t leave blogging that suddenly..
        As soon as I rejoin, I will connect with you there..
        You are in fb by which name, may I know?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Okay I will connect ..Till then Stay connected through blogging! Its rather peaceful out here without fb..Isn’t it?
        Fb is sometimes synonymous with chaos in life…
        Anyways.. Do stay in touch! ๐Ÿ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

  1. This simple yet powerful expression. Indeed most beautiful pain every women wanted to have in thier life. It’s phenomenal when life gives birth to life.

    Should I praise you harder to broke all my records to appreciate you. Or you will simply accept my simple words in your appreciation.

    I need confession to make you are already multidimensional writer. Any suggested change would tarnish the master piece with in you as writer.

    Just be who you are ! Believe me you are incredible, phenomenal and beyond the reach of my capacity to praise you.

    Love your work. Stay blessed.


    1. I am extremely flattered and overwhelmed by your words. And I am open to any kind of criticism.Thank you for making me believe on myself and the work that entails. Suck readers like you are the reason that I still blog! Stay blessed!

      Liked by 1 person

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