The Blogging Award!

I feel myself above all those Oscar winning Hollywood celebrites; I and all my fellow nominated bloggers are better off! Because I don't need to mind the yard of a Chanel gown while walking to the stage, nor do I need to fumble while thanking the people whose names I have memorised... But its more... Continue Reading →


” MY “

The unpronounced subtle prefix before your name, which I mindfully drop and fill the gaps with sighs , and punctuations of giggles! Hoping the next sentence might shelter it, but its still orphaned. Pushed aside to one corner , where relentless fights in your million encrypted lines continue. But the insane courage in those two... Continue Reading →

The Lantern

Four years in waiting.Fragile voices and tensed palms trying to intersect my thoughts as I stared undeterred at the gravelled roads murmuring your last words of promise.I was slowly befriending the darkness of those shallow nights diving into the monologue of my heart with only that nostalgic Lantern to give me company- an embodiment of... Continue Reading →

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