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January 2016

The Blogging Award!


I feel myself above all those Oscar winning Hollywood celebrites; I and all my fellow nominated bloggers are better off! Because I don’t need to mind the yard of a Chanel gown while walking to the stage, nor do I need to fumble while thanking the people whose names I have memorised… But its more adorable way to start off.So Thank you very much Eric for nominating me! You Just gave me the wings when I was trying to make imprints on the ground.And your poems helped me fly, so must check out his blog ( Just rightfully proved how oceans cannot divide thoughts…They are destined to meet! Now the rules of the award:

1)Thank the person who has nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
2)List the rules.
3)Display the award in your post of the award.
4)List seven facts about yourself.
5)Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and comment on one of their post to let them know you have nominated them.

Facts About Me::
” And then the lover , sighing like furnace with a woeful ballad. Made to his mistress’ eyebrow.
Then a soldier ,full of strange oaths ,and bearded like a pard Jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel,
Seeking bubble reputation even on Cannon’s mouth”
Now you must be remembering Jacques saying that in As You Like It: Seven Ages of Man
1)Well I am one such , oscillating between the extremes of the third and fourth age like above, dreaming about the fifth one while Driving that passionate carriage of infinite Hopes to unknown horizons each day! I am in the last year of high school, have trodded my way officially into Adulthood last May! Student of Science appearing in the Board Exams this year!

2)Grew up in the city which is a treasure trove of hidden tales, Calcutta, and with each passing day I have fallen in love with this place! Whereas my country India is like the canvas to me, with each stroke of my brush I discover its earthy charms! The everlasting muse of puny observers like me to great stalwarts. Courtesy to the travelling instincts imbibed in our family fortunately!

3)I love to investigate the crime scene with Dan Brown and Baldacci, and return to those mountains with Khaled Hosseini, spend my evenings thinking with O.Henry and finally peacefully slumber with the tales of Lahiri! With my thoughts marinating in the tunes of Rahman! The fantasy comes to an end when I finally walk with Johnny Depp to the pirate ship of my Dream!

4)I started befriending words, phrases to accentuate the crumbling folds of the pages of my life book,But…Somebody bestowed me with an entire emotional tree that I pick a leaf out of it each time and weave a thought; When the roots started straining slowly A wizard unmindfully started watering it. So now the tree is again growing; and I see the old leaves shedding as I recline against it everyday and write! Precisely that is how people influence my lives- from family, friends to the amazing bloggers.. Must admit Kipling’s IF influences me strongly!

5)A sea of people all around me.Constellation of bright Stars above me.But my utter eagerness to be that wind which will create ripples in that sea and shuffle the Stars, inspires and motivates me! I love to live my life unconstrained, meet new minds , learn and grow with them while Shades of kohl or nail paint doesn’t intrigue me, its more of Who I am!Who I wanna be

6)Shift of focus. And there awaits you the outspoken non-conformist who is ready to debate – Be it the choice of stickers or as grave as Intolerance. A person who hates false Hopes and exaggeration of emotions; wants to dwell in Present but the spheres of the other two dominating tenses swallow it up.

7) So there you met Ruchira, gleefully going on in this journey! Sailing with the high and low tides, falling, rising and flowing. Loving and hoping to be loved back! Cheers!

Don’t mind my incessant self-praise , it spilled out because such chances are rare where you can independently potray yourself.

Now the Nominations::

Thank you again!  All  these amazing blogger friends inspire me! Cheers to All!


” MY “


The unpronounced subtle prefix before your name,
which I mindfully drop and fill the gaps with sighs ,
and punctuations of giggles!
Hoping the next sentence might shelter it, but its still orphaned.

Pushed aside to one corner ,
where relentless fights in your million encrypted lines continue. But the insane courage in those two letters
Luxuriates in those unheard sentences of my mind,
where each iteration of your name ,
engages in intense debates with the word!

Radiance of Hope adds meaning to it,
that “My” kisses the exclaimation now.
It waits behind the trail of words
while my Hopes reassure its position
In the sentence which I thought was worthy to behold it!

Fantasy endings are what you endear.So do the phrases.
So it did happen.
It was there in your sentence gleaming,
But with a different name following it… Not mine..
But her’s ,
Who will never understand the strive of “MY”
As it will rest on your virgin lips.

A broken tale had an enigmatic ending,
With “MY” living happily ever after in each of our sentences
Your one following a name I wanted to be,
And mine a Question Mark!

The Lantern


Four years in waiting.Fragile voices and tensed palms trying to intersect my thoughts as I stared undeterred at the gravelled roads murmuring your last words of promise.I was slowly befriending the darkness of those shallow nights diving into the monologue of my heart with only that nostalgic Lantern to give me company- an embodiment of our togetherness whose incoherent flickers had witnessed the way I was first lost in the mystic wilderness of your eyes and you in the essence of my being. Nights when untethered light beams from lanterns transceded the darkness I thought it was you, as I caressed my locks. But I was mistaken for another time adding to the numberless times I already had. The blunt roads of my hopes had to meet an end when I finally spotted the stationary light beaking its way from that Lantern and advancing slowly. It stopped , maybe you wanted me to follow unlike the other days. Speechless emotions were blindning my judgements, nullifying my spirits as I started following it. The more I went closer, your steed slowed down.Four years and now I can finally trace the fingers carrying the same Lantern as the one I had in hand.And then you stopped, abandoned the Lantern. An uncanny pleasure pervaded me as I decoded the darkness, sensed those fingers against my waist. My conscience was under your sway. Hours from then when the flaps of my tired eyelids opened, I could hear sharp unknown voices chastising me.Those onlookers of a passing scene had a reason but I none. I am still arguing with myself that why I was a senseless victim of your mistaken masculanity? Why were you a parasite of muliebrity that night when my Lantern got extinguished?And finally when I woke you were no were to be found. Only the Lantern was lying with blood stains on its walls. The mute Witness even then of my ravaged soul burning inside that half-clad body!

( Thank you Tirthankar Sen for suggesting me such an amazing Word to write on and helping me through each hurdle.*_*)

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