The unpronounced subtle prefix before your name,
which I mindfully drop and fill the gaps with sighs ,
and punctuations of giggles!
Hoping the next sentence might shelter it, but its still orphaned.

Pushed aside to one corner ,
where relentless fights in your million encrypted lines continue. But the insane courage in those two letters
Luxuriates in those unheard sentences of my mind,
where each iteration of your name ,
engages in intense debates with the word!

Radiance of Hope adds meaning to it,
that “My” kisses the exclaimation now.
It waits behind the trail of words
while my Hopes reassure its position
In the sentence which I thought was worthy to behold it!

Fantasy endings are what you endear.So do the phrases.
So it did happen.
It was there in your sentence gleaming,
But with a different name following it… Not mine..
But her’s ,
Who will never understand the strive of “MY”
As it will rest on your virgin lips.

A broken tale had an enigmatic ending,
With “MY” living happily ever after in each of our sentences
Your one following a name I wanted to be,
And mine a Question Mark!