From Light to Light!

From Light to Light!
Are you akin to the darkness following you or the light that is preceeding you. Or you are unsure of either?
Maybe you are stuck between the vengeance trait of Darkness and the forgiving aura of the Light.
Maybe you are hiding in the shadow of either , befitting the moments of Life into those never intersecting sphres.
Maybe you are in war with the insomniac Devil of Darkness and the mystic Angel of Light!
The conquerer in you will go on debating with the worthy opponent Destiny about which one to take shelter in, which is more comforting! Your apparent desire for Light will extinguish and you will return to the throne of Darkness because your Opponent will teach you that its better to shine in the glimmer of moonlight with the world sleeping inside you rather than perspiring in the basking glory of Sunlight which everyone wants to share!
The monotone of Black and White will soon befriend you than the colours of truth ! Everyone you meet will throw you into the same debate and slowly your judgements will nullify and now you will no more think! You will perish in those encrypted gestures of people, fail to unveil the camouflaged lies..
You will endear yourself in Darkness and whitewash yourself in the beams of Light that will pervade that Cage which will slowly measure your Life!
You will travel from Light to Light!


Like those evening flies you will die and rise again as the phoenix from your rotten promises. And return to Darkness!!


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