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April 2016

‘Forever’-s Exist!


With each passing moment, the unknown hues of my passion deepened, stained each cell of the heart.
But unrequited as it was, I became just another random speck in his galaxy of Stars.

Another mere photon in that oblique stream of sunlight that washed his thoughts every day every minute.

The last Dream of Dawn that waited till the Silver room of Moon receeded, to merge with reality. But died again when the film of his glances opened.

When the intruding eyes of Darkness unveiled my scars, I stared at that strange reflection in the mirror, chastised myself,

” Again..But why..Why was I the second..never the first option ”

Like the abandoned Protagonist of an incomplete novel, I saw the artist in me lying in that grave of desolate metaphors, breathing the ‘million’ words he might had an urge to say.
But, He didn’t…

He went onto be that Brilliant Star for me whose reflected glory I would always want to share.
For whom pages of Diary will fill up, unhindered passion would complete the chapter titled ” Everything”.
Yet that Muse of my fantasy will be unaware of it..

And Maybe one day when he will break the shackles from his fortress, he will regret the price that I had to pay for the ruins of his Past. But then I will be gone.
And the Shadow will fall between Us.
Unlike Always.

And I will behold that smile of his in my eyes murmuring the words he always told me, ” Nothing lasts Forever”
Today I proved him wrong.. Everything lasts forever .
From the essence of his voice to my virgin passion! They occupy that unaltered fenced positions in our hearts, only the labels change with time.

From ” Adorers ” to ” Friends ” to ” Everything” and thus “Strangers”

Only Labels Change..

Not Him..Not Me..
Neither our Stories!

That even when he refuses to fit in that scramble of my life,
I softly say ,
In any Cascades of Reality.
In unknown alleys of my Dream.
In unsurmountable Horizons.
And each such riddles of Life,
as many numberless times I meet you ,
in my own voiceless ways
You will find me beside you.
Shaping the specks of your Present. “



On my First Anniversary!

As I sit here tracing down the alleys of the morning Light back to those days, I see the accessories of my existence disappearing in the palms of Time.

The shadow of myself in your arms which was tresspassed by someone else that day.
Her intoxicating essence burried my unforgiving aroma, crystallising the secret for the first time that you had effortlessly camouflaged into our lives.
When the glow of her lips met yours, I felt the gush of your reckless thoughts that drowned my soul. But only Silence sheltered in my lips.
As you went on to burn down the ruins of our love, from the first rose to the last letter, the clamour of your rejoicing heart defeaned me.Though I murmured patiently those rotten promises into your ears, you failed to listen.
Yet infinite Hopes withdrew my steps each time I thought of vacating the place where I was then.

In those voiceless ways of loving You, I kissed those meandering thoughts of your mind which had Me and my Stories. The lustre of your new love ensheathed mine.

I shouted, fought with the voices of your mind which failed to recognise me, yet I was a lost warrior. I seemed to be in the thrones of the kingdom which can never bestow leadership on you.
As all my attempts to reignite the bond between our souls and draw you into the gestation of our love failed, I realised that…

   Spirits are only to be felt, not heard or be loved.
   Such was me, dwelling inside your soul.

A year ago. On that day my senses were fading away, the mist of thoughts shrouding my vision , each reflex of my body in unison wanted wanted only one thing:

To be reborn in the spring of your Love as a nascent bud.
To unravel the world through your eyes.
To bask in that invisible aura of your soul underlying the fascade…

And my last wish got eventually fulfilled. Its been a year hence that I have been living effortlessly inside my murderer ~ felt you again but as that black colour on your palette that your brush never touched.
Today its going to be a year and I will finally leave, let your new interest hold your hand in guilty love.
Yet I will wait for you – Stretch that ivory gown of mine to the altar of the church in another world, waiting Just like that day….

Not to be stabbed, but to be loved…
Not to be cursed, but to be kissed…

I will be waiting for that Dawn to unite Us!


Sunday Photo Fiction: Letter to my Son!


To you,
This is your third visit!
And you are still awkwardly coward to accept it!
In numberless ways, I tried to reach out to you, but my voice drowned in front of the colossal walls you have built around your mind. So, I finally thought of writing to you in utter simplicity with the hope that you may pick it up one day….

Each week when the rustle of fallen leaves reach my ears, I am at once aware that my Son is coming.As I proudly summon my desolate neighbours to greet you,
Why do you stand afar with that old bunch of daffodils staring at your shadow like a forlorn warrior?
Why are you hesitant to come and sit beside me and listen to our soft murmurs?
I have been waiting indefinetly for that dawn when you will march towards me with that forgotten smile, and not with that meandering guilt.
For that dusk, when you will wipe away the pile of dust over my epitaph and let the aroma of daffodils saturate among Us.
The sun-kissed you, will stand beside Me.
And your dust-soaked Shadow will merge with my grave..
Forever and Always!
~ Mama,
The ceaseless Mother!

Written for Sunday Photo fiction…my first ever entry!

Shared from WordPress

brazen, and sublime –

One such poem by Eric that will stay with you always..
You are bound to fall in love with the words time and again!!

Stains of You


If my glances were a canvas,
Dissolved in colours of your smile,
In the pale redness of your cheeks and,
Drenched in the rainbow of Dreams while,
Fading into the forsaken strokes of goodbyes,
Skirting the unwithdrawing stains .
Those Stains of You!

If my voice was a refrain,
With broken lyrics running out of symphony,
Murmuring the ruins of your evocative baritone,
Playing silently through the lengths
Of the castellated regions of my Promises.
Intersecting the depths the stains have left.
Those Stains of You!

If my Love was an unpatterned novel,
Blank pages.Scribbled Poems.
Incoherent words.Incomplete preface,
And few unspoken lines
Crumbled up in the tear soaked folds
Melting in the tenderness of the author’s pen,
Unravelling those deep blotted stains.
Those stains of You!

If finally my life was an Art.
Maiden serenity masking the widening abyss,
Impure radiance guarding the naked Hopes!
As I lie unfathomable to many,
But to one,
Waiting to be decoded by you.
Secretly stagnating in those deliberate stains
Those Few Stains of You!

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