‘Forever’-s Exist!

With each passing moment, the unknown hues of my passion deepened, stained each cell of the heart. But unrequited as it was, I became just another random speck in his galaxy of Stars. Another mere photon in that oblique stream of sunlight that washed his thoughts every day every minute. The last Dream of Dawn... Continue Reading →


On my First Anniversary!

As I sit here tracing down the alleys of the morning Light back to those days, I see the accessories of my existence disappearing in the palms of Time. The shadow of myself in your arms which was tresspassed by someone else that day. Her intoxicating essence burried my unforgiving aroma, crystallising the secret for... Continue Reading →

Stains of You

If my glances were a canvas, Dissolved in colours of your smile, In the pale redness of your cheeks and, Drenched in the rainbow of Dreams while, Fading into the forsaken strokes of goodbyes, Skirting the unwithdrawing stains . Those Stains of You! If my voice was a refrain, With broken lyrics running out of... Continue Reading →


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