Sunday Photo Fiction: Letter to my Son!


To you,
This is your third visit!
And you are still awkwardly coward to accept it!
In numberless ways, I tried to reach out to you, but my voice drowned in front of the colossal walls you have built around your mind. So, I finally thought of writing to you in utter simplicity with the hope that you may pick it up one day….

Each week when the rustle of fallen leaves reach my ears, I am at once aware that my Son is coming.As I proudly summon my desolate neighbours to greet you,
Why do you stand afar with that old bunch of daffodils staring at your shadow like a forlorn warrior?
Why are you hesitant to come and sit beside me and listen to our soft murmurs?
I have been waiting indefinetly for that dawn when you will march towards me with that forgotten smile, and not with that meandering guilt.
For that dusk, when you will wipe away the pile of dust over my epitaph and let the aroma of daffodils saturate among Us.
The sun-kissed you, will stand beside Me.
And your dust-soaked Shadow will merge with my grave..
Forever and Always!
~ Mama,
The ceaseless Mother!

Written for Sunday Photo fiction…my first ever entry!


69 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: Letter to my Son!

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    1. The ” shadow ” of the Son (when he will come to visit her grave) will merge with her ” grave ” referring to her soul…As an embodiment of the everlasting bond mother and son share!
      Thank you for stopping by and your feedback!
      Do check other posts as well..
      Thank you again! Stay in touch !:-)

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  1. This is beautiful. My son was just like this and I chose to accept his anger -as I understood my share in creating it. When I did that, the anger I had at him passed, and so did his anger at me -it just took about a year longer than mine. Hope for both of you -for coming together.

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    1. Thank you so much..It really means a lot to me!!
      And for sharing your thoughts..
      But yes, I am Just 18…Not a Mother..This was more of a fictional piece inspired by the teenage years of my brother!!
      Yet Thank you for stopping by! Stay connected

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    1. Well..I feel proud, rather blessed a million times more than you..each time I call you my friend!! You are the best gift…
      Your comment today made my day..I am so happy! Love you!


      1. No but i have heard great things of your place.kolkata is called city of joy right?people there are crazy of football right?.lot of historic places to day i would like to visit there 🙂

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      2. That it is God’s Own Country..
        I haven’t been to Kerala as of yet! But We do have plans to visit..My grandpa visited Kerala few years back and he was all praises About the Backwater Cruises!!

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  2. To tell the truth the main reason i write blogs is i believe somedays i get to chat with nice people like you.Thank you so much for sharing things 🙂

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      1. I love movies in any language until the plot is good.( subtitles always help you) On a whole, I love Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman and Meryl Streep a LOTTT..
        And here, Aamir Khan for the legacy of his acting..But Ranveer Singh, Randeep Hooda, Nawazuddin are few names whose acting skills are amazing..


      1. As the saying goes, practice makes you better. I don’t like the word “perfect” because it sets you up for disappointments. Just keep on writing, observe and learn from other writers, and keep an open mind as how you can improve, change, be different. Whatever you do, please don’t allow life to take from you this Gift. Life has a way of getting pretty complicated and sometimes we put our talents aside all because Life gets crazy. Stay focused on your writing. That is where your “heart” is. 🙂 ❤

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      2. Thank you so much..I adore the way you always speak from your heart and share your honest thoughts..And I will always try to keep the passion of writing living in me regardless of What Life bestows on Me…Thank you for such kind and inspiring words!
        You added beauty to my blog!

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      3. You are too kind. One thing you can practice right now is placing one period (.) at the end of every sentence, skip a space (when I write on my blog I skip 2 spaces after every period at the end of each sentence), and then make sure the first word of the next sentence starts with a capital letter. Please don’t take offense by what I just said. I have offered advice before and have gotten very rude replies in return. I really want to see you succeed. 🙂

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      4. Firstly, there is nothing to be offended for, rather I am glad you read my posts mindfully enough to point out this.I always look for such comments which would improve my ways , else Overwhelming Praises stagnate our varied thoughts ( I think so)
        Secondly, Thank you so much for this feedback. I will definitely try to practise this. I will try to incorporate this from the next post. I am blessed to have such a reader, and honoured to follow you.
        And last but not the least! Please never hesitate to put forward your views. I am never going to label them as ” offense ” or ” rude “.
        Thank you again. Have a nice day!

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      1. Sometimes the 3 lines just roll out, other times {for me} it’s a struggle. I’m using my blog to help my long-windedness, to focus and get the words out more succinctly. Practice, practice, practice — and on I go for more 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for such a Beautiful compliment.
      This was my first one, I hope to participate in more such prompts and keep on improving…
      So, stay connected! I am really glad to have readers like you!
      Thank you again for stopping by !

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      1. I am all for you. Hope you will understand I am bankrupt now….have nothing to adore you. Already said what should I say. I don’t want to be feel embarrassed to repeat my words. Let the silence convey my message to you.

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      2. I am nothing but a droplet in this huge sea of intellectual minds around me. And if for once I could create waves in your mind I am extremely glad. For that even if you have to repeat your words it would mean as much appreciative as the first time. Now,even I am out of ways to say the same Thank you.

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