To you,
This is your third visit!
And you are still awkwardly coward to accept it!
In numberless ways, I tried to reach out to you, but my voice drowned in front of the colossal walls you have built around your mind. So, I finally thought of writing to you in utter simplicity with the hope that you may pick it up one day….

Each week when the rustle of fallen leaves reach my ears, I am at once aware that my Son is coming.As I proudly summon my desolate neighbours to greet you,
Why do you stand afar with that old bunch of daffodils staring at your shadow like a forlorn warrior?
Why are you hesitant to come and sit beside me and listen to our soft murmurs?
I have been waiting indefinetly for that dawn when you will march towards me with that forgotten smile, and not with that meandering guilt.
For that dusk, when you will wipe away the pile of dust over my epitaph and let the aroma of daffodils saturate among Us.
The sun-kissed you, will stand beside Me.
And your dust-soaked Shadow will merge with my grave..
Forever and Always!
~ Mama,
The ceaseless Mother!

Written for Sunday Photo fiction…my first ever entry!