I can trace the Light
Of the blanket of fireflies in the woods
But I can’t run towards it.
Because as soon I reach there,
the swarm would disperse
The flies would scatter
Like the Fragments of a Burning Sun.
And the Hopes would dissolve
In the Darkness of the pitch black room
With the film of the Moon’s Silver.

And like the smashed flower in the sidewalk,
Beneath the cloudless sky,
Even I will sing the anthem of disdain.
Fill the evening air with mute sighs

But then again
I will travel with the rustle of leaves
To another season of Hopes
where fallen angels will soar
Birds will echo in harmony
The misty delusion will dilute
And like a phoenix
I will again rise with this thought…
Maybe beyond this moment of tears,
Dreamers will again breathe!