Integrated Forever #Part 3

Hesitantly she murmured," Your beauty is difficult to accept! "  And the grip loosens!! As those words charred the gates of his heart, she drew him close.The breaths fell on her face and the wet smell of his hair marinated her senses. He looked up,benumbed, " But my unacceptable self has loved you in ways... Continue Reading →


Integrated Forever #Part 2

"They never want our souls to converge and.." With a cold shrug, he looked at her and abruptly planted a kiss on her tear soaked eyes, " Hey! Shhh!! Stop exhausting your mind. Feel the  Love, not their words!" And he giggled. " It's not funny always. They want you Gone. Like Gone Forever from... Continue Reading →

Integrated Forever #Part1

Comforting in the warm crouch of her lap, a languid glow dyed his face as she buoyantly narrated how her ways and gestures have shuffled since the time they have known each other. He sensed that undertone of fear that laced her voice along with those sighs. Keeping aside her fluent strands,he whispered, "I won't... Continue Reading →

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