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June 2016

Integrated Forever #Part 3


Hesitantly she murmured,” Your beauty is difficult to accept! “

 And the grip loosens!!

As those words charred the gates of his heart, she drew him close.The breaths fell on her face and the wet smell of his hair marinated her senses.

He looked up,benumbed, ” But my unacceptable self has loved you in ways unknown to you.Didn’t you accept that?

Reclining against his chest,she gushed,” In ways known to you, I have cherished it always.
But, they…

The cloak of dusk over the park suddenly aroused her reflexes, ” I need to leave.Its late.We will ecide some other day.”

But he didn’t let the grip loosen, ” Stay! Just Stay!”

Today, its either Me.Or You.Or None! ”

That condensed baritone made her follow her steps back to Him.An unassuming figure stood in front of her then,soaked in Love.

“If I say,They are bound to surrender every grain of you and accept my beauty. Will You stay?

If I say, We will create a world away from the cries of this Universe. Will You stay, Forever? “

She prompts, ” Nothing lasts Forever!

Adjusting a twig in her hair, his lips widened, ” Let this be exception to that rule. I ask again, Will you?

I will. As many times you ask Me.”

And She shouted like none hearing with an infectious elation,“I will!”

And the two figures kissed, enveloped in an unconcerned attraction.

As Another Human soul passed into Oblivion then on this Earth.
Such is the romance between Life and Death.
Unaccepatable yet Infalliable.

Difficult yet Inseaparable!

That was the last part of Integrated Forever. A tale of romance between two personified unassuming figures, LIFE and DEATH.
The entire concept behind this tale , this is the brainchild of my closest friend, Yajushi.


Her words and help had made this blog more beautiful, so sharing her presence  with you readers.


Integrated Forever #Part 2


“They never want our souls to converge and..”

With a cold shrug, he looked at her and abruptly planted a kiss on her tear soaked eyes, ” Hey! Shhh!! Stop exhausting your mind. Feel the  Love, not their words!” And he giggled.

” It’s not funny always. They want you Gone. Like Gone Forever from here ! ” 

Like the flare of a fallen meteor she jolted back, exasperated,

” Why do you desperately delay the flight of Reality? There are colossal walls all around Me. So around You. ”

He meekly repeats,” Can’t we dissect them? And please do away with these Victorian thoghts . ”  

” Each time We do, some other demon encages Me.Their care suffocates Me, strangles my voice that my shouts drown inside! I am blamed for everything. I just…just… ”

And she collapsed on the ground, frozen like a statue.

Insolently he stands afar, trying to bury the pain,” I don’t believe these.It has been years.These questions die every such evening, and we are back together.Always!”

Etching her name inattentively on the tree bark,like a forlorn warrior he retorted ” They want you to feel the sunshine. Not Me.The shroud of black. Isn’t it? 
I am just a dark envelope for your keepers. And you are not ready to leave them. Why?Just Why ?” 

Leaving it incomplete he pulled her up,skirting his hands around her waist, hysterically questioned,

Am I not a new Horizon for you?
What’s difference when I make love and the others do the same?
Why is my Darkness a Delusion of Love?
And why is the preceeding Light only your Destiny,but  not Ours?

 She has never seen him this way. So apprehensive and full of questions. 

Tracing the tired lines of his face with the expanse of her palm,she looked into those intrusive glances.Hesitantly she murmured,” Your beauty is difficult to accept! ”

 And the grip loosens!

( One more part to go, to finally see who they are. Stay tuned!)

Integrated Forever #Part1


Comforting in the warm crouch of her lap, a languid glow dyed his face as she buoyantly narrated how her ways and gestures have shuffled since the time they have known each other.
He sensed that undertone of fear that laced her voice along with those sighs. Keeping aside her fluent strands,he whispered, “I won’t leave you. I will take you with me.Always!”

Momentary smiles exchanged.

And the knitted fingers tightened! 
Two figures camouflaged in the shadow of the tree against the radiance of the Sun; with discordant quarrels borrowing the Silence, interlaced with Love!

One refused. Other pleaded. 
One pushed away. Other retracted. 
While one cried out his childish demands, the  other avoided them.

Nature said it was an Unique paradox when their worlds merged ~
Silent yet oral through their glances ; Imperfect yet flawless passion braiding it.

That day wasn’t as effortless as the other romantic evenings.

Though their arms were entwined there was something that both wanted to say, until she unveiled those words, ” Can I say something? I mean only if you want to hear!” 
He dragged her below the umbrella and softly said, “I have never refused to listen. Your words breath love. Say!” 

She blushed in fiery hues of red,with a slight delay, she uttered,” Don’t u think none in this world want Us to be together?”
” They never want our souls to converge and..”

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