Integrated Forever #Part1


Comforting in the warm crouch of her lap, a languid glow dyed his face as she buoyantly narrated how her ways and gestures have shuffled since the time they have known each other.
He sensed that undertone of fear that laced her voice along with those sighs. Keeping aside her fluent strands,he whispered, “I won’t leave you. I will take you with me.Always!”

Momentary smiles exchanged.

And the knitted fingers tightened! 
Two figures camouflaged in the shadow of the tree against the radiance of the Sun; with discordant quarrels borrowing the Silence, interlaced with Love!

One refused. Other pleaded. 
One pushed away. Other retracted. 
While one cried out his childish demands, the  other avoided them.

Nature said it was an Unique paradox when their worlds merged ~
Silent yet oral through their glances ; Imperfect yet flawless passion braiding it.

That day wasn’t as effortless as the other romantic evenings.

Though their arms were entwined there was something that both wanted to say, until she unveiled those words, ” Can I say something? I mean only if you want to hear!” 
He dragged her below the umbrella and softly said, “I have never refused to listen. Your words breath love. Say!” 

She blushed in fiery hues of red,with a slight delay, she uttered,” Don’t u think none in this world want Us to be together?”
” They never want our souls to converge and..”


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