Integrated Forever #Part 2


“They never want our souls to converge and..”

With a cold shrug, he looked at her and abruptly planted a kiss on her tear soaked eyes, ” Hey! Shhh!! Stop exhausting your mind. Feel the  Love, not their words!” And he giggled.

” It’s not funny always. They want you Gone. Like Gone Forever from here ! ” 

Like the flare of a fallen meteor she jolted back, exasperated,

” Why do you desperately delay the flight of Reality? There are colossal walls all around Me. So around You. ”

He meekly repeats,” Can’t we dissect them? And please do away with these Victorian thoghts . ”  

” Each time We do, some other demon encages Me.Their care suffocates Me, strangles my voice that my shouts drown inside! I am blamed for everything. I just…just… ”

And she collapsed on the ground, frozen like a statue.

Insolently he stands afar, trying to bury the pain,” I don’t believe these.It has been years.These questions die every such evening, and we are back together.Always!”

Etching her name inattentively on the tree bark,like a forlorn warrior he retorted ” They want you to feel the sunshine. Not Me.The shroud of black. Isn’t it? 
I am just a dark envelope for your keepers. And you are not ready to leave them. Why?Just Why ?” 

Leaving it incomplete he pulled her up,skirting his hands around her waist, hysterically questioned,

Am I not a new Horizon for you?
What’s difference when I make love and the others do the same?
Why is my Darkness a Delusion of Love?
And why is the preceeding Light only your Destiny,but  not Ours?

 She has never seen him this way. So apprehensive and full of questions. 

Tracing the tired lines of his face with the expanse of her palm,she looked into those intrusive glances.Hesitantly she murmured,” Your beauty is difficult to accept! ”

 And the grip loosens!

( One more part to go, to finally see who they are. Stay tuned!)


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