Hesitantly she murmured,” Your beauty is difficult to accept! “

 And the grip loosens!!

As those words charred the gates of his heart, she drew him close.The breaths fell on her face and the wet smell of his hair marinated her senses.

He looked up,benumbed, ” But my unacceptable self has loved you in ways unknown to you.Didn’t you accept that?

Reclining against his chest,she gushed,” In ways known to you, I have cherished it always.
But, they…

The cloak of dusk over the park suddenly aroused her reflexes, ” I need to leave.Its late.We will ecide some other day.”

But he didn’t let the grip loosen, ” Stay! Just Stay!”

Today, its either Me.Or You.Or None! ”

That condensed baritone made her follow her steps back to Him.An unassuming figure stood in front of her then,soaked in Love.

“If I say,They are bound to surrender every grain of you and accept my beauty. Will You stay?

If I say, We will create a world away from the cries of this Universe. Will You stay, Forever? “

She prompts, ” Nothing lasts Forever!

Adjusting a twig in her hair, his lips widened, ” Let this be exception to that rule. I ask again, Will you?

I will. As many times you ask Me.”

And She shouted like none hearing with an infectious elation,“I will!”

And the two figures kissed, enveloped in an unconcerned attraction.

As Another Human soul passed into Oblivion then on this Earth.
Such is the romance between Life and Death.
Unaccepatable yet Infalliable.

Difficult yet Inseaparable!

That was the last part of Integrated Forever. A tale of romance between two personified unassuming figures, LIFE and DEATH.
The entire concept behind this tale , this is the brainchild of my closest friend, Yajushi.


Her words and help had made this blog more beautiful, so sharing her presence  with you readers.