A star studded night with the  aroma of the soaked coffee beans imbibing into your veins. Cloudless sky and imperfect strangers never failed to make a perfect date for me. 
So was it that day. The margin of difference lied in this uncanny fact that I have never seen those strangers before yet each time they spoke , it felt like both were calling out to me like old friends reuniting after days.Only one  face could be seen whereas both the figures traced out prominently in front of me. 

I was so dissolved in their strange familiar mystery that I didn’t even try to dissect their existence . And the conversation had started like this,”So, people are talking about you?” 

He winked viciously and stared at me with a blatant reply,” You will know better. Won’t you?”

Caught in a paradoxical maze, I looked into the other one on my left searching for answers in his glances but he only smiled,” You are shrewd. Go for one, leave the other” 

My quest seemed to reach blunt ends and I finally ranted out,”Who are you both?What do you know about me?How can you just…” 

I could only see their lips moving punctuating their pacified smiles and widening eyebrows.

Taking a sip of coffee, he again starts off,” So, you do realize now, that we both exist with you in this parallel world. There is nothing strange.”

I murmured to myself repeatedly ,”There is nothing strange in their...familiarity…in their presence! Nothing…”

My eyelids felt heavy, pushed from an infinitely broken tower of guilt. I frantically searched for them now to help myself out of this sphere. 

When I finally heard that tone again flowing down from a distance, I ran towards it until my knees were chafed. Lips were parched.

“ One of us stayed with you”,smiled that silhouette figure.

“ Which of the two from there? Life or Death?”, I asked in the muffled voice.

From that morning onwards, I still don’t know which of the two returned with me from that date. 


Or Death in the mask of Life?


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    1. Truly speaking, this write-up got rejected by a group of curators today. After which I let it be posted here. And you know such good views coming from you, cheered me up.
      Thank you so much.
      Stay connected !!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Take your time and read as many you want to. But,in specific if you ask, then I would love you to read Stains of You (poem) and Five Minutes(Flash fiction).


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