Colors and People#Series #Red

Let the New Year start with the passionate color, Red. Everything has a story so do the colors only if you care to see through. So, Red and people! Stay connected for the others to come!


Colors and People #Series

In all the folds of our lives, we discover new shades of Life. Dyed in new colors. Let the stories befriending these colors be unwrapped! (Let my readers know about their inputs on this.)

For the Santa…

Only if I had known that my Santa will be gone once I grow up. I would have frozen time. Sealed the hands of the clock and never made it race to that one day when he finally took the carriage. Not promising me to return with gifts. Not leaving a note about the place... Continue Reading →

The Eyes will Dissolve!

  Through the mist of silent darkness And unheard tales of empty rainbows The eyes will dissolve In the blue lonely skies residing in there The nebula of thoughts will burst Into a chrome of nameless emotion And we will fall like stardust, On the tired masks of anonymity. As the numbĀ  screams of the... Continue Reading →

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