There are monsters trapped within everything.

In my broken town of metaphors

Or your terrorized city of glass.

In the smoke escaping from your thoughts

Or in the melting words of my lips.
In the dark pit of your promises
Or in the cursed words of my poetry.
In the blue lines of your palm
Or the black kohl of my eyes.
There are monsters between You and Me.
The one that pushes me towards hollow hopes
But I still survive!
The one that colors your mind black
But you still smile!
The one that talks to me in “ Almost”- s
And makes me run away from my “ What if”-s!
The one that chokes my voice
Strangles my sleep
And burns your Dreams!
Yet we hold on to those bygones.

Those are the monsters.

In You. Me. And everything!
Trapped in blurred lines
Colored in familiar hues.
Just another name…

For Memories!

( This poem got featured in social writing page, The Scribbled Stories.)