How do you do it?

Hold me one second and then let me go the next
There is something in that one second when you hit me
Like the trip of an ecstasy pill
Paralyzing each breathe inside me
Making me want more
And more of you

But I find you in small doses

In that rush of the drug up the spine
Below that soaring heartbeat
Then you slowly dissolve into that delusion

I suddenly turn maniac then

Search. Search. Search for you.
Focus, I tell myself.
But , NO.NO.
 You aren’t there.

Now when the jaws of addiction loosens bit by bit

You suddenly seem like an accident
A mistake that I loved taking risk for
I won’t ask you to come back again

Because each time I inhale the smoke now

Rising from your addiction
There is no rush
No high
Just a hallucinating emptiness
I don’t want to find you there again
Neither do I want to crave for one last taste on my tongue
This addiction would no more have the name of You
I will meet you then

In some other strange acid trip.