And my city looks like a constellation of street lights as if tiny fireflies  spread all over the air. How can I not fall in love with this place a thousand times over?

Empty roads snaking its’ way through the city – whispering a mystic tale with it’s every turn.

And those cozy houses which looks like toy houses from above , nourishing a family from ages.

Life seems so quiet and fluid when you gaze at it through the flight’s window. Every time I return to this place , even the hustle of the cars seem more comforting than life at any other place. I spell this city’s name as “ Home “ , a place which would never refuse to welcome me.

Growing up here Home meant a brick house where mother shouts at me to be more focused , a place where father comes after a tiring day at work and I cry myself to bed along with growing teenage years.  After saying away for an year , what Home means to me now has a total new definition.

It is the smiling sun rays resting on your eyes every morning when you wake up to Ma’s warm cup of coffee. The shouts of the vendors that coalesces your scattered thoughts to seeing Ma running through  the door and bargaining with him. That oil soaked breakfast that she has made only for you as she keeps the last piece for herself.

Home is when you crouch up to your mother’s lap as she waves her hand through your rather unkempt hair. With her every finger running through your hair, all the thoughts seem to settle and you just admire her palms with a nostalgic smile. It is when you hear your Grand Pa shouting your name through the door as you go running to hug him irrespective of how old you are. It is about complaining the smallest stuffs to Ma because you know She can fix everything.

Home becomes all those small things that makes you happy  and carefree involuntarily , you never realize until you are miles away and missing them.

Home becomes this city whose smell of  the soil and turn of the leaves also tend to talk to you when you come back to her.

How weird humans are! We feel more attached when we stay apart.