A growing bud in this infinitely huge world! I am like you, yes the one reading out there with that cup of coffee ; Or like you soaking your pillow with hidden Stories.
I am Just the reflection of what I write! What I dream! These are like the phoenix which rise from my broken thoughts.
I will write till my heart stops bleeding and the waves stop hitting my mind! Just 18, yet want to reach out to the world! So decided to attach my strings with Blogging!!
Keep reading and pouring in! Suggest me ANY WORD I will love to write on them! Help this puny observer grow along with you!


13 thoughts on “About

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    1. Thank you so much. It’s really great to hear from a new reader. I hope to see you more in my other posts as well. And I must say, you also have an amazing blog. So, keep writing and stay connected!


  1. The best thing that I like about your blog is that it is not just limited to reading but instead you actually feel the situation with such a wonderful choice of your words.
    Keep updating the blog.


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