For the Santa…

Only if I had known that my Santa will be gone once I grow up. I would have frozen time. Sealed the hands of the clock and never made it race to that one day when he finally took the carriage. Not promising me to return with gifts. Not leaving a note about the place... Continue Reading →


The Eyes will Dissolve!

  Through the mist of silent darkness And unheard tales of empty rainbows The eyes will dissolve In the blue lonely skies residing in there The nebula of thoughts will burst Into a chrome of nameless emotion And we will fall like stardust, On the tired masks of anonymity. As the numb  screams of the... Continue Reading →

The Last Poetry

                                   Tonight the ink will stain my last metaphors. You will pick the long foregone phrases of mine , and for one last time mask those wounds that your pen has done . You will no more carry your beautiful  daydreams and paralyzing nightmares in my arms. I will slowly escape from your volatile thoughts... Continue Reading →

To Ending Chapters…

​ Do the yellow pages at the back of your diary know me by now? Do the ink stains right down your ripped pockets whisper my name mutely? I unwind the string back and again to find myself drowning in the question of “Maybe”-s while getting soaked in the drops of “Almost”. Might not be... Continue Reading →

…But Mum,We both grew up!

​ I was just Five then. And I remember the date from your diary, 12th of July, when I called out to you for the first time. Muffled up, with my toothless smiles following that most adored word of ages.... In the stillness of ourselves, I stared back at your glowing face which held a... Continue Reading →


A star studded night with the  aroma of the soaked coffee beans imbibing into your veins. Cloudless sky and imperfect strangers never failed to make a perfect date for me.  So was it that day. The margin of difference lied in this uncanny fact that I have never seen those strangers before yet each time they spoke , it... Continue Reading →

Beauty of Ruins 

​ I  went back there along the long forsaken path. The storm has become silent now and a whispering zeaphyr was kissing those perspiring beads on my forehead. Ashes of Love smeared the fallen flowers, the fragrance was lost in the grains of Time . The faded shades of it were as if narrating tales... Continue Reading →

Integrated Forever #Part 3

Hesitantly she murmured," Your beauty is difficult to accept! "  And the grip loosens!! As those words charred the gates of his heart, she drew him close.The breaths fell on her face and the wet smell of his hair marinated her senses. He looked up,benumbed, " But my unacceptable self has loved you in ways... Continue Reading →

Integrated Forever #Part 2

"They never want our souls to converge and.." With a cold shrug, he looked at her and abruptly planted a kiss on her tear soaked eyes, " Hey! Shhh!! Stop exhausting your mind. Feel the  Love, not their words!" And he giggled. " It's not funny always. They want you Gone. Like Gone Forever from... Continue Reading →

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